Go low, start slow and keep close to His heart.  It’s the slow part that gets me.  Every single time.

I’m a creative, a visionary who tends to see 10 years ahead and then run headlong into the future I see.  Until Holy Spirit grabs hold of my belt loop like my folks used to when I was little, running ahead for the adventure I knew was mine for the exploring.

But I’m trying hard to stay in the pace of His grace with this next part of my journey.  I know this season is about building for the long haul, not only getting something started.  If we had a building I could give you a tour, but right now it is simply a meeting place of heart.  Consider this the beginning of an introduction to the heart and the vision behind Create 61.

I have walked with those who see the supernatural realities of heaven happen around them every day, forerunners who call us all higher and deeper into God’s promises.  Others who spill creativity and beauty and transform the way we see our world through the arts and creative expression.  In other places I find ones longing for belonging, family and a safe place to lay aside pretense.  And still others who move into forgotten corners of written off neighborhoods and determine to love their neighbors well.

But rarely do I find a place that intentionally weaves all four threads together.  They do exist, but they are rare treasures. Many have one or two threads.  Some have three. Few have all four.

In my own journey, I have had a longing on the inside of me stirring for nearly a decade now.  It has been a longing that defied language. I’d catch the edges of its whispers in the silent hours of the night.

I celebrate every place God’s Kingdom comes in and through His people.  I cherish my time with each expression of His Body. But in my heart of hearts, I have been longing for the ancient echoes of eternity, to see a company of people whose walk bridges heaven and earth and weaves these four threads into a display of God’s beauty.

Supernatural Lifestyle. Creative Expression. Authentic Community. Engaging the Margins.

Four threads. One mandate. Organic, intentional; utterly consumed with His love and infused with His power.  Weaving something rarely seen since the time of the ancient Celtic Christians.  And it is stirring again in this hour, in this generation, born for such a time as this, a generation not defined by age but choice.  This is but a glimpse… Expectant, I am, for all that lies ahead…  Michele


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